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Modulární upínací systém nástrojů MTSK

With our MTSK quick tool change system you can obtain the maximum flexibility and deeply reduce the set-up times, maintaining the high compactnessstability and precision level that are standard for all M.T. products.

You will leave the toolholder always assembled on the turret, while changing the adapters only with the model spcifially needed for every machining.

The MTSK modular system is derived with M.T.'s know how from the popular HSK-T system, which foresees a cone/plan contact and the torque trasmission by material deformation. This guarantees the highest precision together with the highest cutting capacity.

Product features

The main features of MTSK quick change system are:

  • Compact axial dimensions, more compact than Capto!
  • High precision and position repeatability!
  • Available for ER collets, Weldon, Milling arbor, etc.
  • High stability and vibration damping!
  • User friendly during assembly and removal!

Together with the MTSK quick tool change system, M.T. introduces a new mechanism for the assembly and removal of the tool with one hand only, much safer, reliable and user friendly compared with the standard double key system.

The use of the new mechanism was later extended also to the driven toolholders not equipped with MTSK system.